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The series Familia, in continuous development since 2017, explores the meaning of family in a migratory context, in particular the one relating to the city of London, where the photographer has lived for almost five years.

With the increasing rental cost of houses in London, more and more common are situations where unrelated people share the same house or families rent part of their homes to strangers. These coexistences create new dynamics, where intimacy and trust are built day by day, the concept of privacy is revisited and the whole idea of coexistence is discussed.

While the series initially questioned how the city changes the traditional family pattern in relation to different households, it slowly took on a more personal connotation, becoming an occasion for the photographer herself to reflect on her relationship with the Rule family, with whom he has lived for more than a year, and on the meaning that similar realities can assume in the search for a sense of belonging to new places.

Alternating fiction and reality, Carola tries to portray and understand that new reality of which she has become part, an 'artificial family', halfway between a cohabitation between strangers and a traditional family coexistence, inevitably leaving space for a personal reflection on the detachment experienced by the photographer from her family back home in Italy and, more generally, on the different possibilities of intending a family.

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