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Although feelings of anxiety are normal everyday occurrences, continuous and overwhelming worry can turn into chronic and disabling anxiety. Profoundly misunderstood, talking about the condition is made difficult by the widespread consideration of anxiety as something that can be easily overcome, an attitude that can lead individuals to hide their feelings and avoid seeking help.

At a time when universities worldwide are reporting increasing number of students experiencing anxiety disorders, the series Almost Blue draws on personal experience and psychological findings to prompt conversation on our society's lack of understanding of the condition, while also emphasising the possibility of psychological resilience.

Defined as the ability to deal with and recover from difficult times, resilience is often assumed to be an innate trait that only certain individuals possess. Recent studies however have demonstrated how this ability can be learnt and improved throughout our life in all the areas in which it manifests: the personal, the relationships and the community.

Drawing on cognitive therapy techniques, Almost Blue metaphorically reconstructs a personal path of recovery, by re-enacting dynamics of everyday life and personal relationships, to eventually prompt viewers to share their own stories of mental health and resilience, resonating with the theories that describe hearing inspiring stories of others as a key strategy to build resilience. 

Installation at the London College of Communication, May 2019

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