Carola Cappellari is an Italian visual artist and photographer currently based in London. She alternates autobiographical and documentary approaches to investigate themes of identity and belonging. Different media and objects, including mundane domestic references, are often combined into installations, providing the viewers with a more tangible and personal experience. 

She first approached photography in the form of self portraiture, bringing her to identify photography as a therapeutic medium. Notions of psychology and pedagogy acquired through her education would have later strongly influenced her practice. Carola has gained particular interest in the notion of family, understood both in its traditional meaning and also in more modern definitions. The reality of the family has become the background to explore themes related to mental and physical health and their impact within and beyond the family boundaries.  


2020 Masterclass "Bieke Depoorter. The Other as Self: Collaborative Storytelling" - Fotofilmic

2016-2019 BA (Hons) Photojournalism and Documentary Photography - London College of Communication -  University of the Arts London,  1st Class Honours 

2009-2014 Diploma in Psychology, Social Sciences and Education - Padua, Italy

Group exhibitions

2020 The Sensation of Home, Fringe Arts Bath Festival, UK (online)

2020 Portrait of Our Times - A Collection of Modern Realities, Gower St. Gallery, London, UK | 15th January - 28th February

2019 Out from the Mist, Brisbane, Australia

2019 Tate Exchange, Tate Modern, London, UK

2019  Final Exhibition Show, London College of Communication, London, UK

2015 Light Matters, Galleria Il Gabbiano Arte Contemporanea, La Spezia, Italy 

2015 The Fifth Annual Exposure Photography Award, Louvre Museum, Paris, France

2014 Exposition Artistique d'art contemporain, Al-Tiba9Algiers, Algeria


AND  2020 - Then There Was Us Annual

Fringe Arts Bath 2020

Next Generation Photographers, Aesthetica Magazine, Issue 90, August/Sept 2019 


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